Real Estate

Over 35 years ago, Dusty Rhodes started one of Marco Island’s first law firms, focusing primarily on both commercial and residential real estate law. Over the years, Rhodes Tucker has overseen countless real estate closings.

Rhodes Tucker has worked with many premier real estate agents, serving residential and commercial clients. Working in the deal, rather than outside it, Rhodes Tucker guides a smooth process that involves all service providers and addresses client transactional and legal needs throughout – avoiding unnecessary disruption and last-minute wrangling. It is all guided by real estate closers with deep understandings of title insurance and the closing process developed through over a decade of experience each.

Rhodes Tucker also negotiates complex real estate deals, provides title insurance and closing services, reviews title, analyzes title to match with clients’ use or development interests, drafts option contracts, and handles very complex real estate development matters.

Rhodes Tucker provides sophisticated services for landlords and tenants. We negotiates leases and represent landlords and tenants in disputes, financing, subordination, and other matters. We also work with landlords to standardize leases that make sense for the project and have an eye toward long-term operational needs and efficiencies.

Rhodes Tucker also represents condominium and homeowners associations, as well as drafts formation and amendment documents.