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Rhodes Tucker Phoenix Chartered (“Rhodes Tucker”) is a Martindale-Hubbell AV-rated law firm that practices business, real estate, contract, finance, litigation, estate planning, probate, and sports advisory law.  Rhodes Tucker looks to help you unlock value in their assets, opportunities,  and  challenges  by  applying real estate, tax, business, contract, negotiation, litigation, restructuring, accounting, finance, and other strategies to problems in creative ways by drawing from various disciplines and starting from your business and your end game.
Rhodes Tucker enjoys active client interaction in solving problems to uncover objectives and evolve concepts.  Just as well, Rhodes Tucker works as a team to shares ideas and work so that you benefit from different perspectives.  Our greatest excitement at work is being able to tell you that we achieved the result you wanted, so we strive to move you toward your goals.  Just as well, Rhodes Tucker counsels you all along the way as to what you could legally expect and practically achieve given your circumstances and the result you seek – we try to channel what you want to a result you can realistically achieve given legal, economic, social, and political complexities that bear on you outside of your control.
Rhodes Tucker aspires to greater things because we want to be ready to help you lead into the direction you are headed.  Rhodes Tucker constantly rethinks our approaches to address ever-evolving laws, communication methods, and culture.  Rhodes Tucker makes holistic efforts to understand your opportunities and challenges in every situation by studying and applying emerging insights into psychology, organizational behavior, social dynamics, economic models, anthropological analysis, peace and conflict theory, urban planning, history, statistics, and, even, military thought.
Rhodes Tucker will creatively, aggressively, pragmatically, and empathetically work together with you to turn a bad situation and into a great opportunity … to help you minimize injury or pain from with a problem you’d rather not face alone … to help you pull together something raw and make it a valuable reality … to be counsel, business advisor and friend to you, your family, your friends, your business, and your community .. from this generation to the next.